David and Native American History

The history of Native American peoples is the history of America. I write about American Indian peoples because I find their history fascinating, instructive, and just as valid as Roman History, British History, the History of Technology, and any that is out there. Sometimes it’s not pretty. But it’s always riveting.

This Day in Indian History


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One comment on “David and Native American History

  1. Nimesh on said:

    I think it’s an interesting quoetisn. The term “Native American” is probably the only one of those pc-imposed terms that I don’t take offense to, though having Native American ancestors, I am also not offended by the term Indian. I refuse to use terms like African-American, etc because really, we’re all Americans. I personally do not go around saying I am Hungarian-American. I think the term Native American doesn’t go out of its way to separate people like other hyphenated names. I’d like to hear what an “Indian” Indian has to say.

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